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My practice is an interdisciplinary investigation of the visual and philosophical bodily dissociation in the digital, posthuman era. Through painting, sound, animation, writing, and moving-image the works reflect the relationships between the subject and the object as represented in the digital and processed to a collective and private consciousness. 

This consciousness generates a dissociative physical state in which the body becomes a separate entity through excess and distorted ongoing representations. The works seek to resist this separation by evoking an experience of physical synchronisation of the viewer with an artificial body. This sensory connection can be described as one which is irresistible and exceeds both cognitive and aesthetic experiences.

As the act of post-internet viewing sustains bodily detachment, the works offer an alternative gaze of the body, one that contains within it a sensual, connective experience. The nature of the mesmerising viewing encompasses the mechanisms of power that gazing has over the physical experience. Such an act of bodily connection between the digital and the living is a union that provokes separation and objection, constituting bodily wakefulness.

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